AGREEMENT - DGS Insider (Intranet) Users I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

(1) I am an active employee of DAL Global Services (DGS).

(2) I understand that the DGS Insider is a password-protected site that can only be viewed or used by authorized Regional V.Ps, General Managers, Station Managers, Duty Managers, Supervisors, Administrative Assistants, designated employees at the DGS Headquarters and any other individuals authorized by the DGS Manager- Leadership and Information Programs. I also understand that authorized users must use their own Insider password (password) each time they log onto the Insider.

(3) As an authorized user of the Insider I will have my own password. I cannot share or provide my password to anyone other than my Station Manager or the DGS Manager - Leadership and Information Programs. If I voluntarily or involuntarily leave my current position and am assigned to a position within the Company that is not listed in paragraph 2 above, I will no longer be authorized to use the Insider.

(4) I understand that some of the information in the Insider, including certain financial and performance records, training information, and DGS policies and procedures, is confidential and proprietary, and may not be copied, shared with or shown to anyone without prior authorization from my Station Manager.

(5) I understand that I may be subject to discipline, up to and including termination, for violating any of the above terms or using the Insider for any reason deemed to be impermissible.

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